Friday, September 8, 2017

grOw/cinema, Episode IV, now 76% completed!

It was a short week of work on grOw/cinema this week. Monday was a holiday here in the US, and I had to spend a full day on "real life" work to get a project mostly our of the way, so that I could focus on grOw/cinema more.  I just finished frame 61 out of 82, including a 6-frame long "animated" sequence. This sequence had a lot of moving parts — body parts that is!


Anonymous said...

Are going to make a guy turn into a girl or are going to a little girl into a grown ass woman because both of those would be fucking sexy

Anonymous said...

You should put those in grow cinema it would be hot

Anonymous said...

Keep up great work

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see at least one female, maybe a friend, whom came to visit, have her clit get bigger, maybe turn into a futanari, having a dick/huge clit, and double penetrate one of the others. The friend could penetrate one of the others while being penetrated. I'd also like to see his penis enter one orifice & exit the opposite end, (enter orally & exit anally or visa versa). Also, if his penis is THAT HUGE, why not have it put in her pussy and cause a bulge in her front, maybe make her look like she's 9 months pregnant.

other290 said...

Looks like he'll be fixing their house soon. Trying to guess what the earlier looks of horror were - giant dick, giant tits, or one of the girls took up the challenge to take on his huge rod! Can't wait to see what's next, always afraid when things get this big the movement is limited and the story may stall. I know there's alot more fun they can get into - still thinking about the classroom of smart women in issue 1, him and his friend could have a series of adventures! Throw in a PE sword fight, show some more BE growth, hell just seeing them try to get back into regular clothes after having to shrink back gives alot of story options to come. Can't wait to buy the next issue, hope RL work is going well and everyone is safe.

Anonymous said...

No futanaries but their vaginas or pussies bigger

Anonymous said...

One thing I haven't seen in the stories is GTS theme. You could either have Heidi and/or all or some of the others grow into a giantess or have Carl shrink and enjoy all the females even more. He could climb their bodies, especially the HUGE breasts, the REAL GRAND TITONS, or TEAT-ONS, & go spelunking in their vaginas or be used as a dildo and when she/they cum, he could go swimming in the cum. Even if the GTS theme isn't used here, I'd like to see it some more in other creations.

Anonymous said...

I'd love Carl to humiliate bud a little more (letting his dick shrink and then let him compare it to carls monster)
Or maybe shrink bud and make carl more muscular!
You could also shrink bud in size and let him get teased by his girls

Also: other "rules" that affect the whole world would be fun (like altering the average penis/bust size or saying that women go out topless without anyone thinking its inapropreate.

kind regards,

Anonymous said...

Your work is so great bustartist, continue to do what you like in this comic :)

Anonymous said...

If there going to be futanaries then at least make Carl a futanari to.

Anonymous said...

Don't make Carl muscular, taller, and giant

Anonymous said...

Making Carl a giant or shrinking the females would be an interesting twist. What would be a more interesting twist would be having one or more of the girls end up with his power and see how they would handle it & what would they change.

Anonymous said...

No futanaries but their vaginas or pussies bigger

Would be a nice twist, if he is in fact the one being manipulated into thinking he was in control, when all this time i was his girlfriend and her mother and sister. :3

just a play thing for some women into some size fetishism.

BustArtist said...

Note to all: I do enjoy seeing what people like, but that is no guarantee any of these will make it into my work. I have genres that I enjoy, and some that I “dabble in”. Anything outisde of these will probably not make it into grOw/cinema. It’s hard to put your passion into the scenarios and artwork when you are not into a particular fetish.

Also, note that when a chapter is underway, it has already been mostly established and written. So, if I were to take an suggestions, it wouldn’t happen until LATER episodes. :)

Anon1: At this time, there are no plans for gender-changing. I will mostly likely never deal with underage characters.

Anon3: thanks! glad you’re enjoying it!

Anon4: there will be vaginal/clit expasion, at least, in Episode IV!

other290: thanks for your feedback. The great thing about cinema is the variable storylines and characters. Once a characters gets “too big” for the story, things can change or new characters are introduced! :)

Anon5: There will be vagina expansion in Episode IV. I am not really into futinaries, so you probably never see that (but… a huge clit, maybeeee one day? Hmmmm….)

Anon6 I do hope to introduce miniGTS and GTS eventally into cinema. Not sure when yet, though.

Noah: Alternate “rules” can be fun. In terms of Bud, I really didn’t intend that scene to be humiliation, but rather that Carl realized his new powers allowed him to have the audacity to “get away with” such descriptive language and overt actions without the normal consequences.

Anon7: Thanks! I’m glad you think so highly of my work!

Anon8: See above regarding futanaries. (But I am unsure how a guy can become one, as you mentioned.)

Anon9: I MAY, at one point, explore some of these, but no real plans right now.

Anon10: MAybe one day on the size changes. Power swapping might not be possible, due to the way I set up how he got his power (which is, for now, unexplained fully, but will be one day).

Anon11: See above. BUT, Carl may change the world in which women are the aggressors. I’ve been toying with that idea in my mind for a future episode or three.