Friday, July 10, 2020

grOw/cinema, Ep. XVII, frame 13 completed!

I made pretty good progress this week, especially considering a number of hurdles that got in the way. Real life and real life work took up some unplanned time. I also worked on the mOnthly grOw illustration for my Patreon page (preview here). And the last number of frames have a lot of details in them, which takes a lot more time — more characters, character overlap, and, of course, muscles. I have now completed up to frame 13 and made it halfway through frame 14.  

Friday, July 3, 2020

grOw/cinema, Ep. XVII, frame 5 completed!

In the last 2-1/2 days, I was able to complete 5 frames on the next Episode of grOw/cinema. (The first 2 days of the week was spent finalizing the script and the thumbnails, and I took a half day today for the upcoming US holiday weekend.)

Now, on to other musings: I have been asked a few times about how ling will grOw/cinema, "The Ever-Expanding Universe" will go on for, or when it will end.  My answer is that it's set up to go on for a long time (thus "Ever-Expanding" in the title). However, I also would say that I would go on to other projects from time to time, and come back to it. 

(Sorry this is so long. If it takes 5 minutes to read, know it took almost 2 hours to write.)

With over 3-1/4 years of this first grOw/cinema series behind us, I am looking into this "break" to go on to a new project.

I always touted grOw/cinema: “The Ever-Expanding Universe” as the succulent dessert to the main course of previous grOw/cOmics and grOw/stOries. (Note that cinema is a style, not the concept. Future projects will probably be done the in the cinema style, but not have the serial-what-happens-next-issue on-going aspect, but, instead, a finite storyline.)  

With a slow start in sales (probably due to it’s “new” and “unproven” idea), it soon became one of my most popular series. My readers and I couldn’t wait until the next release. (Tune in next week!)

grOw/cinema, series 1, was always meant to be like the old movie serials, when you “tuned in next week” to see what happened to our hero. I even used the scrolling text from the old Flash Gordon movies (and later done in Star Wars), to pay homage to this genre.

However, it dawned on me back in December 2019 that I was approaching the 3 year mark on this project, and DID start to contemplate working on something new. (Not the end “The Ever-Expanding Universe”, but to temporarily put it on hold.) I have had 3-5 basic storylines/concepts swirling in my head for a long time that all needed fleshing out. Coming up with basic concepts is easy. But the real work is in the details and the time it takes to build them up.

Creating the artwork takes time, thus the standard 2-4 months turnaround between issues. I can understand that, for many of you chomping at the bit for the next episode, this seems like a long time when waiting for the next project to come out, just like when we wait for the next movie in our favorite series to come out. On my end, it's nearly non-stop work, so it doesn't seem so long to me. So, my realization that it has been over 3 YEARS since cinema #1’s release truly shocked me. 

In general, most of the storylines I choose to make into grOw/cOmics or grOw/cinema have been in my mind anywhere from 2 to 5+ YEARS!  I come back to them in my head from time to time, adding details and reworking ideas when I’m not doing anything taxing, such as long, boring car drives. grOw/cinema’s idea, for example, came to me with all the calls for a continuation of the “Wishful Thinking” comics. THAT was a long time ago — maybe even 8 years since I started envisioning something similar to “Wishful Thinking”, but not simply re-doing it. grOw/stOry 15, “Succubus” was a rewriting of an old E.L. Pub book that I had acquired. I originally started the process with one writer in mid-2008. The stOry was finally completed by a different writer and illustrated by me, and published in late 2013!  grOw/cOmic 6, “Milking the Plot” started as an idea on a who-done-it, plot twisting narrative in Late 2012. I began conceptualizing the storyline in August 2014, and the first issue came out Nov 2016.

That said, I HAVE now begun putting one of the afore-mentioned 3-5 ideas to (digital) written word over letting it swirl in my cranial gray matter. I hope I can make it solid enough to begin to work on it. But this will take a little time. The current project (Ep. 17) is well underway, and will be continued to be worked on until completion. Episode 18 may follow as I have envisioned it as a “season ender” episode, completing the initial arc of Carl exploring his new powers. (Originally, I was going to make it an even 20 episodes.) During the time working on 17 and 18, I will spend a little extra time each day writing the new idea (and allowing it to “gel” when I am not working on it). Should I make great progress, I MAY even begin work on this before Ep 18.

At least, these are the current plans. Life, grOw, and other aspects may change this.

Friday, June 26, 2020

Work on grOw/cinema, Ep. XVII has begun!

After the usual first week monitoring of sales after a new release, I decided to upgrade my MacOS a few steps since 1) I had some bugs that were causing slowdown issues and other problems for a while, and 2) I was unable to use the latest version of Adobe's products (Photoshop) since my OS was too old. I don't upgrade to each new OS due to software and/or hardware (Wacom tablet) issues. I usually stay a version or 2 behind, letting them iron out the kinks.

I've done this before, and knew it would easily take a day or two due to make sure all files are backed-up (do YOU have copies on separate drives of all your files?), having to install a new OS, having to reinstall all applications, fonts, settings, etc.etc.  HOWEVER, this time, it was one of the worst experiences I've had doing so, taking 5 days! Not to get into detail, but there was a lot of waiting (processes taking 5 hours), reinstalling, hard drive wiping, trying to merge 2 partitions into new sizes, backing up, etc.

Now that this chore was out of the way, I needed to test the new system. During this time, I created all my June Patreon artwork (cropped sneak peaks below). (

While I worked on the Patreon images, I was letting the next storyline of grOw/cinema percolate in my brain. After hitting my stride working out the concept of the story beyond the main bullet points that I wanted to achieve, the script writing went quite smoothly. 

Today, I started to rough out the thumbnail storyboard drawings, visually planning the whole issue. I got halfway through the issue. This I will continue early next week, and then begin the actual artwork.

Friday, June 5, 2020

"The Ever-Expanding Universe"

Episode XVI:
“Muscular Momentum”

70-frame issue!

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Episode Synopsis:
Carl invites Doreen into the women's showers to clean off from their sticky encounter with Coach Schrö, but also to have some sexual and growing fun! Meanwhile, Bunni works out in the gym, frustrated that she hasn't really gotten to interact with Carl, The Cock, or his powers. And she is desperate to do so!


Breast Expansion (big, huge, wow)   
Ass expansion
(big, huge, Huge!)

Pussy expansion (some, big)
Penis expansion
(big, huge)

Female Muscle Growth (FMG)
(athletic; super athletic; bodybuilder; huge bodybuilder)
Sex with Huge Penis
(BJ, handjob, coitus)
Cum-induced growths
Clothes stretching / tearing / bursting

Personality alteration, Reality alteration
Strong sexual situations (MF)

Downloadable PDF file. Part 16 of an on-going series. 80 pages, 70 image frames plus cover poster. *Includes "Reality Changes" Comprehensive List.
Released June 5, 2020.

What is "grOw/cinema" ?
n exciting, episodic series drawn in the style of a big-screen movie. See the 2 page samples above to get a glimpse of this new style of comic.

grOw/cinemaEpisode XVI features:
  • 70 full-color frames along with cover poster.
  • Part 16 of the new on-going series.
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Also, check out the updated News and FAQ page for updates to the latest SALES items!

Monday, June 1, 2020

grOw/cinema, Ep.XVI complete! Release by end of the week

I finished the final frame of grOw/cinema, Episode XVI today.  Now, I have to create the Cover image, as well as the post-production work, including proofreading and correction (text and art); creating final PDF; website graphics and html; ecommerce set-up.

Hang in there! It's coming soon!

Friday, May 29, 2020

grOw/cinema, Ep. XVI, now at the 97% mark!

Whoops! Seems I forgot to post an update last Friday.  So this is a double-update post.

As this workweek closes, I was able to complete up to 68 frames, and made it about 75% of the way through frame 69.  The issue is almost done!  I just have a few frames and the cover art to complete. Then, it is on to the post-production work such as proofreading, PDF making, website updating.

Release coming soon!

Friday, May 15, 2020

grOw/cinema, Ep. XVI now at the 84% mark!

I made very good progress this week, completing 11 frames (frame 59) and got halfway through the 12th one. All this work despite some technical issues (internet provider), personal errands, rewriting some of the script, and other delays. We're getting closer to the home stretch! Hang in there!